What is

brand strategy

Brand strategy is the core foundation of how brands connect with consumers. It encompasses your brand's purpose, values, positioning and personality. Brand strategy guides all marketing, communication and business decisions. Developed through extensive research, a sound brand strategy aligns your brand identity with consumer insights and business goals. It is the North Star guiding your brand's path.

brand strategy


A strong brand strategy provides focus and direction. It ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints. This builds awareness, shapes perceptions and creates preference for your brand. Brand strategy is essential for differentiation in competitive markets. It enables authentic connection with your audience. When brand strategy is aligned with your business goals, it transforms into a competitive advantage that propels growth.
Why brand strategy
  • Launching a new brand
  • Repositioning an existing brand
  • Entering a new market or audience segment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Poor brand performance
  • Major changes in the competitive landscape
  • New leadership with a shift in vision
When brand strategy

brand strategy

Is needed

Our brand strategy process includes

  1. Conducting a thorough market, consumer and competitor research to identify opportunities
  2. Performing a brand audit to assess current equity
  3. Facilitating discovery sessions with internal stakeholders
  4. Extracting insights to inform strategy
  5. Defining your brand purpose, values, positioning and personality
  6. Transposing the brand platform into visual & verbal identities
  7. Cascading the brand strategy across all organisation processes and stakeholders
Our brand strategy process includes

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