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Diving Deep: Crafting the Immersion Brand Identity

Our client was launching a diving club and resort in Malapascua, the only place to see thresher sharks. With huge competition on this tiny Philippine island, differentiation was essential.

Brand research

While most resorts promised quality, research showed inconsistent customer experiences. However, we uncovered that divers crave adventure, discovery and the feeling of being on "another planet" underwater.
"The thrill of underwater discovery" was one of the recurring themes in our target audience focus group interviews.

Brand strategy

This insight inspired the Immersion identity. The name speaks to being fully immersed in the thrill of underwater discovery. We developed a logo evoking the mystique of the deep sea. Together, the name and logo symbolise our strategy of igniting curiosity and guiding guests to experience the hidden wonders below. The slogan "Beyond the Unseen" captures feelings of exploration.
The feeling of being on "another planet" underwater is at the core.

Brand name

The name "Immersion" perfectly encapsulates the brand's essence and strategy. It speaks directly to the feeling of being fully immersed, diving deep, discovering hidden aquatic wonders, and becoming fully absorbed in the underwater world. This single word evokes the spirit of exploration, mystery, and the multisensory thrill of encountering an alien seascape teeming with life. The resonant brand name encapsulates the strategic focus on guiding guests to discover the marvels below the waves. It perfectly captures the spirit of adventure, exploration and discovery that divers crave, and ignites curiosity about what lies beyond the unseen.

Brand identity

Dark blues suggest the ocean's depth and mystery. Accent colours reflect the vibrancy of aquatic life. Clean sans-serif typography provides a contemporary yet approachable feel. Stationery, signage and other elements maintain the visual system consistently across all brand touchpoints.


Since launching, immersion has seen tremendous growth and loyalty. Their focus on delivering a premium discovery experience - not just amenities - provides a competitive edge. This case study shows our human-centric approach to uncovering and expressing brand essence. For immersion, strategic branding conveys their passion for unveiling the marvels of the underwater world. Their success is proof of the power of insights to drive differentiation.

Case Study — Immersion Diving Club & Resort. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity development.

Project details

Client: Immersion Diving Club & Resort

Project Year: 2019

Country: Malapascua Island, Phillipines

Client Industry:

Tourism, Hospitality, Diving


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