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Diving Club and Resort
in Malapascua Island, Philippines.

brand strategy and identity design for immersion diving club

Brand Research / Brand Strategy /
Naming / Identity Design

Our task was to develop a new brand that would attract divers from all over the world to our client's new diving club & resort, located in Malapascua, known as the only place in the world where you can see thresher sharks.


The competition is huge on this tiny island, so the key was to differentiate in a bold way. Even though most of the competitors seemed to promise all a customer could want, in fact the full customer experience was never a priority for them - there was no consistency in delivering the promised quality, nor in building a company-client relationship.


We aim to maintain a high level of professionalism by providing the latest high professional equipment for diving, as well delivering a high level of quality of services and constantly improving our skills.
We believe a successful business is consistent and transparent in its decisions and actions, with both its clients and stakeholders.
We act in a way that is sustainable for the community and with respect for the environment. Our decisions take into account the needs of the future generations.
We don't discriminate, for us everyone is equal. We embrace diversity operating successfully as a multicultural team.

Our customer research showed that most of the divers love this activity mainly for the feeling of discovery, adventure and peacefulness. They compare being underwater to being on another planet – full of beautiful and diverse"alien"life.

Customer Insight

Based on the customer insight, we decided that our client's true purpose is to ignite people's curiosity and to become a trustful guide that helps them experience the most of the underwater world.

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