Label. Origin. Taste.

Brand strategy & Brand identity

Crafting a Distinct Identity for Label. Origin. Taste.

Label. Origin. Taste. (L.O.T.) is a new food label consultancy offering consumer research. As an innovative service targeting conservative buyers, standing out was crucial. Our branding aimed to grab attention while instilling trust.
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Brand Research

We explored the market landscape and conducted interviews to pinpoint L.O.T.’s differentiating purpose and ideal positioning. This revealed an opportunity to break conventions with vibrant, human-centered branding.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

L.O.T.’s dynamic logo reveals the idea of decoding the food label origin. Dark blue grounds the look with trust and stability, while vibrant secondary colours grab the attention, making the logo memorable. Together, the identity suggest expertise with a touch of modern vibrancy.
L.O.T.’s promise to decode food labels and reveal origins matched their bold vision to reshape industry practices. We developed the descriptive name Label. Origin. Taste. as a strategic foundation.


Since our branding launch, L.O.T. has rapidly expanded their clientele and scope. Their bold identity visually reinforces their commitment to uprooting opaque industry conventions. It has become a distinctive asset propelling their leadership.

This case exemplifies our human-centric approach to unearth and express brand essence even in conservative categories. For L.O.T., standing out while earning trust was key to making an impact. Their progress validates the power of strategic branding to drive change.

Branding Case Study — Label. Origin. Taste. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

Project details

Client: Label. Origin. Taste.

Project Year: 2021

Country: Republic of Moldova

Client Industry:

Food label consultancy & consumer research


  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Profile
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Visual Identity


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