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Empowering Refugee Women:
Crafting the Women with Vision Brand

When the Moldova Project, a non-profit organisation with the support of UN Women and Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, approached us to develop a brand for their new project focused on refugee women, we knew this project would have an immense impact. Their mission of empowering refugee women through education, financing and mentoring was inspiring yet challenged by the vulnerability of the audience. Our branding needed to instill confidence while conveying empathy.

Research & Naming

When we began this non-profit branding project, the organization lacked a definitive name and identity. Through collaborative discovery with the organizing board, we crafted the name Women with Vision to reflect their project’s empowering mission to accelerate women’s paths to leadership and integration into local communities.
The identity system centered around a logomark design aimed to illustrate women supporting each other’s growth.

Brand identity

These insights led us to an identity system centered around a logomark design aimed to illustrate women supporting each other’s growth. Clean lines coalesce to symbolize women coming together, rising up. Purple tones evoke wisdom and optimism, grounded by stability of blue, while dynamic angles express forward motion.

Brand strategy

Together, these strategic elements coalesce into a brand that embodies empowerment and reassurance. By conveying competency and possibility, the identity aims to give refugee women the clarity and confidence to transform their lives.
Since the Women with Vision launch, over 200 women have benefitted from free courses, grants and mentoring. 20x startups have received microgrants to build their business ideas.


This case study demonstrates our human-centric approach from naming to branding. By aligning every element to the audience, we helped Women with Vision drive real change. Their success proves the power of identity in instilling confidence and making an impact.

Social Project Case Study — Women With Vision. Brand Strategy & Communication Strategy & Brand Identity

Project details

Clients: UN Women, UN WPHF, The Moldova Project

Project Year: 2023-2024

Country: Republic of Moldova

Client Industry:

NGO / Refugee support & education


  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Communication Strategy
  • PR Campaign
  • Advertising campaign
A big shoutout to our partners at Qontora Design, who helped us craft this identity design.

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