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BCR Chișinău

Branding for one of the most innovative financial products on the Moldovan market

Product Naming / Product Branding / Campaign Concept / TV Commercial Production

BCR Acasă Plus
For this project, we had a double mission. Firstly, we had to come up with a name for the product. The name had to suggest both that it is much more than just a property loan, and at the same time, to make it clear that it is a mortgage product at its core. Secondly, we needed to produce a TV commercial that would inspire people not to dwell on a single dream but to try to fulfil all their ambitions at once, thanks to BCR Chișinău's revolutionary financial product.

Client: Banca Comercială Română Chișinău
Agency: Indigo Group
Branding & Concept: TARNOVSKI Branding Studio
Production: Damaskin Films