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Rebranding Case Study: Castel MIMI from Logo to Strategy

When renowned Moldovan winemaker Castel MIMI approached us in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, they had a clear vision - to reimagine their brand strategy and future growth plans to sustain momentum even in uncertain times.
As the wine industry, like so many others, grappled with immense resilience challenges brought on by 2020, forward-thinking leadership recognized the need to reevaluate their path. It was imperative to craft an evolved approach tailored to new realities, with digital transformation and sustainability top of mind.

Brand Research

In partnership with Castel MIMI’s executive team, we set out to redefine the brand positioning and promise to match their aspirations. This work would empower them to connect authentically with consumers worldwide, stand out among a sea of competitors, and ultimately drive value in line with their heritage of winemaking excellence. Though the landscape had shifted dramatically, our collaborative team was eager to envision a revitalized strategy and chart a course for ongoing success.


The rebranding process began with an immersive brand strategy workshop at the founders' storied Castel Mimi estate. Walking the vineyards and tasting distinctive wines, we gained first-hand knowledge of their winemaking legacy. This backdrop of the castle on the worldwide wine map illuminated their heritage and future potential.
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Armed with insights from the owners' vision, our team embarked on a rigorous two-month discovery phase. Competitive research revealed differentiation opportunities within the market landscape. By analyzing wine trends and evolving consumer psychographics post-pandemic, we identified strategic needs and growth areas. A comprehensive brand audit spotlighted existing equity and gaps to optimize.

Brand Strategy

Synthesizing findings from our analytical deep dive, we arrived at a reimagined brand positioning, purpose and values. These strategic foundations bridged the brand's roots and consumers' needs. The guiding tools of this rebrand empowered Castel MIMI to lean into their rich history while pursuing customer-focused progress. Our collaborative process ensured the new positioning authentically represented their place in the global winemaking community.

Tag line

At the heart of Castel MIMI is a celebration of the creativity and joy that wine brings people together to share. Their gracious chateau provides the backdrop for meaningful connections rooted in Moldovan culture. Castel Mimi's story is one of elevating tradition through tireless innovation.
As the only autentic wine chateau in Moldova, Castel Mimi occupies a singular place in the nation's winemaking heritage. Their visionary founding created an estate unlike any other - designed to elevate wine culture through a commitment to excellence across every aspect of the visitor experience. This passionate dedication to advancing their terroir has made Castel Mimi the leader in Moldova's burgeoning wine tourism industry. Their investments in the land, winemaking craft, and hospitality offerings raise the bar for the entire region. Castel MIMI’s focus on continuous enrichment allows them to shape the future while honoring their role as pioneers.

TV Commercial

As part of our comprehensive rebranding efforts, we created a moving TV commercial for Castel Mimi that pays tribute to the true heroes who often remain in the shadows. These are the ordinary individuals whose hard work and commitment keep our society functioning, day in and day out. The commercial serves as a poignant reminder that our homecountry is filled with these unsung heroes and remarkable opportunities, giving us every reason to be proud of our roots and the people who make our nation great.
Special thanks to the production team:
  • Production: Damaskin Films
  • Director: Eugen Damaskin
  • Concept & Screenplay: Eugen Damaskin
  • DOP: Roman Cantir
When we first partnered with Castel MIMI on redefining their brand, we could not have foreseen they would soon host a seminal event in European politics. Yet on June 1st, 2023, the chateau provided the grand setting for the European Political Community Summit. Leaders from across the continent gathered at Castel MIMI’s magnificent grounds to shape collective priorities. They convened in the very halls where generations before had elevated Moldovan winemaking.
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As Castel Mimi enters its next era, this powerful history provides momentum. The brand carries forward a legacy of excellence that has proven adaptable to the changing tides of time. We look forward to our continued partnership in writing the coming chapters.

Rebranding Case Study — Castel Mimi. Brand Strategy & Communication Strategy & TV Commercial

Project details

Client: Castel Mimi

Project Year: 2021-2024

Country: Republic of Moldova

Client Industry:

Winemaking / Tourism / Cultural tourism / Horeca


  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Profile
  • Brand Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Communication Strategy
  • TV Commercial

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