Brand consultancy with proven results

We are experts in brand strategy, dedicated to business growth. For 15 years, our strategic insights have strengthened brands across industries. Companies rely on our consultancy to compete powerfully in their respective markets. We provide advisory services focused on developing impactful brand strategy and identity. In our collaborative process, we become your trusted partners, providing you with the necessary expertise to strengthen your brands from the inside out. Our advisory services are rooted in rigorous analysis, and provide actionable insights that shape strategies and identities that resonate with your target audience.

brand consultancy


As your trusted partners, we bring an objective, outside-in view to identify opportunities and challenges. Our specialised experience helps you shape your brand path, not hindered by institutional history. A third-party perspective pinpoints untapped potential in your brand. We make the complex simple through proven branding frameworks. Our guidance saves resources and unlocks brand growth.
Why brand consultancy

When brand consultancy delivers value

  • Launching a new brand
  • Repositioning an existing brand
  • Entering a new market or audience segment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Poor brand performance
  • Major changes in the competitive landscape
  • New leadership with a shift in vision

Our collaborative brand consultancy process includes

  1. Interviews focused on the discovery of your brand, competitors, consumers and business goals
  2. Deriving strategic insights from research and analysis
  3. Defining your brand purpose, values, positioning, and personality
  4. Shaping your brand strategy roadmap tied directly to your business growth objectives
  5. Bringing your vision to life by shaping distinctive identity assets
  6. Effective implementation across your organisation

The outcomes you can expect from our brand consultancy services

  • Brand platform: We define together your brand purpose, values, positioning and personality. This platform becomes your North Star for future business decisions.
  • Consumer audit: Our research identifies strategic target consumer insights. We pinpoint motivations and barriers to shape effective messaging.
  • Competitive edge: Analysing your market reveals strategic advantages to lean into. We size up competitors to conquer blind spots.
  • Strategy roadmap: Our actionable strategies tie directly to your business goals. We map engaging customer experiences to drive KPIs.
  • Authentic identity: Expressive branding elements like name, logo and visual identity convey your distinct value. We ensure cohesion across all your brand touchpoints.
  • Team alignment: We animate your leadership around the brand strategy. This consistency empowers employees to deliver it.
With proven expertise, we become your trusted advisors who lead your brand to new heights.
Let's connect to discuss your goals and how our brand consultancy can help you gain a competitive advantage.

consultancy case studies coming soon

Exciting updates are coming soon. We're in the final stages of crafting new case studies that showcase our brand consultancy projects.
In the meantime, explore our current case studies to see our approach in brand strategy, brand identity, and packaging design, and the impactful results we deliver. Don't miss out on our latest insights! Subscribe for notifications by filling out the form in the website footer, and you'll be the first to know when our new case studies go live. Stay tuned – great things are on the horizon at TARNOVSKI Branding Studio.

Our Case studies:

EBS Integrator
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Moldova Innovation Technology Park
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Romania & Moldova
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Banca Comercială Română
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Business Brains Conference
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