TARNOVSKI is a branding studio, specialised
in brand strategy and identity design.

We build Live Brands™ - dynamic identities that thrive within the users' environment and stay relevant to their needs. Our purpose is to help ambitious leaders design powerful brands that can inspire growth and create meaning in users' lives.

We believe that in today's economy of ever-accelerating users expectations, with the speed which brands come in and out of fashion, truly successful businesses are built around that deep customer insight that provides better value to customers and leaders have courage and determination to push boundaries, challenging the ordinary. We passionately consider that if you are going to make a brand, stand for something.

- a big idea,
- a strategic position,
- a defined set of values,
- a voice that stands apart
The best brands

Our Values


We always strive to have an open and honest dialogue with our clients, no matter the subject. If we believe you're doing it wrong, we won't shut up about it.

We care for your business/product as if it was ours. Why work for something you don't believe in?




When we have a tooth issue we search the best stomatologist, same is with branding matters. You came to us because you need an expert. That's what we strive to be everyday, by reinforcing and challenging the boundaries of our expertise.
Everything in this world changes so should design. We are living in a living world with living organisations that cry out for living brands. Brands change, learn and adapt. With this mature understanding of brands, brands are not just a static logo anymore. Same about us - we are not a static agency. We constantly innovate and adapt to meet our clients' needs.
Our enemies are halfbrands, which, regardless of whether they are beautiful or ugly, are static drawings that don't say anything and cause no emotions. Those are incapable of building long-term relationships.
Fewer people
We don't work for clients, we partner with clients. We manage personally each of the projects with all the passion and responsibility. We don't play hierarchy games: each of us is a master of his craft and a full-fledged member of the team - no juniors, seniors and other fake formalities.

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  • 10 years in branding
  • Studied Marketing
  • Passionate about psychology and modern art
  • Would like to make the world more beautiful, but first wants to make it more comfortable
Creative Partner


  • 7 years in marketing
  • Studied Finance and Philosophy
  • Passionate about modern art and philosophy
  • Professional customer insight catcher; in search of the deepest layer of human thought
Strategic Partner


• 6 years in storytelling & SMM
• Studied Marketing & Logistics
• Passionate about technology & science
• Believes that people should be more kind to each other


  • 8 years in graphic design
  • Studied Industrial & Product Design
  • Aesthetic driven
  • Attentive to small details
  • Everything is made out of details


  • 2 years in graphic design
  • Studied Industrial & Product Design
  • Passionate for fresh ideas & vibrant designs
  • Believes that the beauty of a brand's identity is found in its uniqueness