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Empowering Innovation: The "Explora Solutions" Brand Identity

Explora Solutions, a pioneering digital solutions provider, approached us to develop a brand identity that would reflect their innovative spirit. As a team of accomplished creators merging tech and marketing expertise, they needed a visual language to match their boundary-pushing mission.

Brand Audit

We identified that Explora's unique agile and interdisciplinary approach is the defining quality that sets them apart. By blending diverse teams, they ensure clients get the most purposeful results. This strategic foundation guided our entire brand identity development process.

Brand Design Approach

We aimed to capture Explora's dynamic, trustworthy, and friendly character through color and design. Blue conveys their professionalism and reliability, while yellow expresses optimism and creativity. This balance mirrors Explora's blend of rock-solid expertise and inventive thinking.

Brand Identity

The identity centers around a dynamic design system of square shapes, a visual metaphor for Explora's ability to combine disparate elements into cohesive solutions. The central "X" letterform, composed of gravitating squares, embodies their talent for unifying complex data and tech into powerful results.
This concept laid the groundwork for a modular design system that allows Explora to create unlimited brand expressions, echoing their adaptable problem-solving approach. Each composition showcases their skill at distilling intricate challenges into elegant, impactful work.
Alongside the logo, we developed a vibrant visual language of angular graphics and striking color blocks. The effect is at once precise and energetic — an identity that conveys Explora's sincere, collaborative spirit and bold innovation.

Website design

To extend this impactful design language across touchpoints, we partnered with Qontora Design to craft Explora Solutions' website. The result is a cohesive brand experience that immerses visitors in Explora's forward-thinking ethos.
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Explora's new brand identity has elevated their employer perception and client appeal. By expressing their culture and capabilities with clarity and edge, the branding has drawn industry-leading talent and forward-thinking clients.
This case study demonstrates our strategic approach to infusing meaning in every brand element. For Explora, thoughtful colors and forms came together to visualize their essence and ambitions. The result is an identity that feels as cutting-edge and captivating as the team behind it.

Visual Brand Identity Case Study — Explora Solutions. Brand Identity & Website Development.

Project details

Client: Explora Solutions

Project Year: 2023

Country: Romania, Cluj-Napoca

Client Industry:

Software Company


  • Visual Research
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Production
A big shoutout to our partners at Qontora Design, who helped us craft the website design based on our brand identity.

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