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Moldova Innovation Technology Park

MITP is Europe's first e-Park for innovative tech businesses

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Eastern Europe is one of the world’s most favourable IT outsourcing destinations. Moldova wanted to be part of this regional transformation. In 2018, the government created the Moldova IT Park to help boost the local IT sector and make the industry more competitive.

Status Quo

Over the first four years of its existence, Moldova IT Park had a remarkable local success, bringing together most of the industry’s representatives, both in terms of talent and business. But there was room for more and better. So our mission was to help MITP reinvent themselves and create a brand strategy that would help them attract more innovative, high added-value businesses, more investments and more highly qualified talent.


As MITP became the largest community of tech entrepreneurs, it became clear that the platform has emerged as the driving force of the industry. From its very beginning, MITP was both an innovation in itself and, at the same time, a highly effective platform supporting the development and growth of companies that revolutionise their fields of activity. As the park started attracting more tech-oriented businesses and talent, it became clear that the focus of our residents is beyond the classic IT activities and is switching instead to more innovative IT services type, to putting innovation above all else. With this evolution in our park's content, a change in its form was a logical consequence.


Moș Zaharia Branding Project in Romania - Brand development and visual identity brand development in Bucharest. Packaging Design by TARNOVSKI Branding Studio
Being a unique innovation itself, MITP aims to empower tech entrepreneurs to innovate and increase their potential. Committed to leading the country to become a top regional destination for high-value-added tech products and services, MITP will ensure substantial and positive growth in the Moldovan tech ecosystem. MITP's striving for innovation is not only one of their main priorities now but is also a key element in their strategy. To better match both the new reality of the park and the needs of its members, we have decided to conduct a complete rebranding for Moldova IT Park.

Brand Strategy Platform

The new name highlights the park's main priority - driving digital innovation in all sectors of the economy.

Moldova IT Park
Moldova Innovation Technology Park
From a generic and impersonal tagline to a precise and unique tagline, which puts the organisation in a very clear context and highlights its main advantages.
Europe's First e-Park
Amazing Opportunities

The old logo spoke only of the territorial affiliation of the organisation and did so in a visually outdated way.
We decided the new logo should highlight that MITP is as multifaceted as it is open and accessible. It expresses the character of this dynamic and complex structure but does it in a simple and attractive visual language, emphasizing the organisation’s flexibility.


External communication colours
Internal communication colours