Brand strategy & Brand identity

Charting Urbest's strategic course to stand out

Urbest, a facility management software provider, faced fierce competition in Europe. Our challenge was to identify their core differentiation and emphasising it into a bold strategy.
Rebranding project.
HQ: Paris, France.

Brand Research

The initial research uncovered that the market for facility management is highly competitive. Diverse apps are being developed across the world, with each competitor striving to create a more complex and efficient app. Brand audit uncovered that simplifying property management for owners, facility managers and service pros was Urbest's key value. Their digital ecosystem improved reliability and ease of use.

Brand Identity

Urbest's name and “Simplify Future" tagline signal their purpose. Vibrant colours and geometric logo shapes convey their balanced blend of innovation and structure. Colours: Gossip, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise, Dodger Blue, Tolopea.
Using a modern font with a geometric appearance suggests sobriety and order. In combination with the brand’s vivid colours and dynamic illustrations, it gives a sense of balance and flexibility.

Website design

We’re also proud of the new design concept we’ve developed for Urbest’s web site. Thanks to its well structured and clean design, it improved that brand’s perception aimed by the new brand strategy.


Since implementing the rebranding, Urbest has expanded significantly across Europe. Their clarified strategy and identity accelerated success by highlighting their focus on user experience and network effects versus just features.

This project demonstrates our rigorous approach to uncovering and expressing brand differentiation. For Urbest, highlighting their core strategic value was instrumental to growth. Their progress validates how branding can drive change.

Rebranding Case Study — Urbest Facility Management. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity development.

Project details

Client: Urbest

Project Year: 2019

Country: Paris, France

Client Industry:

Facility Management SaaS


  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity Redesign
  • Verbal Identity
  • Communication Strategy

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