Selecție by Cotnari

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Engaging the Next Generation: The Making of Selecție by Cotnari

Cotnari, one of Romania's top three winemaking companies and perhaps the country's most well-known wine brand, approached us with a unique challenge: to create a wine label design that would appeal to the younger generation. The wine series, aptly named "Selecție," suggested that these wines were special and carefully chosen.

Brand identity

Our mission was to create a label that would not only attract younger wine enthusiasts, but also persuade those who don't usually drink wine to switch from their usual beverage of choice. In addition, the label had to be convincing enough for discerning wine lovers who refuse to compromise on quality. We wanted to strike a balance between youthful appeal and the sophistication expected of a quality wine.
To achieve this, we developed an identity with a design system based on diamonds and triangles in a simple yet dynamic and elegant linear pattern. This creates a mesmerising kaleidoscopic effect that is particularly appealing to Millennial and Gen Z consumers. The unique and somewhat atypical design ensures that the wine stands out on the shelf, attracting the attention of both curious newcomers and seasoned wine enthusiasts.
The colour palette for Cotnari Selecție features bold, vibrant hues that reflect the youthful energy and modern aesthetics of the target audience. The combination of eye-catching geometrical shapes and striking colors creates a label that is both visually appealing and memorable.


Since its launch, Cotnari Selecție has successfully captured the attention of younger wine drinkers, while also earning praise from established wine lovers. The brand has attracted significant attention from millennials and Gen Z consumers, indicating that the label design has effectively bridged the gap between traditional wine branding and the preferences of a new generation.
This case study demonstrates our ability to create a brand identity that resonates with a specific target audience while maintaining the integrity and sophistication of a well-established brand. By carefully considering the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Cotnari, we were able to develop a label that not only appeals to younger consumers but also elevates the perception of the wine itself. The success of Cotnari Selecție validates the power of strategic branding and innovative design in capturing new markets and driving business growth.

Wine Brand Case Study — Cotnari Selecție. Brand Identity & Wine Label Design

Project details

Client: Cotnari

Project Year: 2022

Country: Romania

Client Industry:

Wine manufacturer


  • Wine Label Design
  • Visual Identity

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