Cuza Vodă divin

Brand strategy & TV Commercials

Distilling Disruption: Launching a New Brandy

Our client sought to enter Moldova's established brandy market against entrenched competitors who had divided spheres of influence. Succeeding meant identifying untapped opportunities.

Brand Research

We uncovered underserved audience segments and undiscovered category advantages. Consumption occasion insights stood out—no brand claimed the mantle of the quintessential party starter brandy. On the one hand, insights into behavioural patterns revealed that the bottle of brandy is, for many, not only a party starter but also one of the key attributes of the Bohemian atmosphere. Thus, giving us the opportunity to successfully exploit the fact that none of the competitors has tried to assume directly the role of category leader.

Brand Strategy

Leveraging these gaps, we positioned the new brandy as the spirited life of the party, thus assigning us the role of “King among brandies”, due to the unparalleled quality of the product and brand’s vibrant identity. The strategy laid claim to category leadership as the definitive brandy that sparks all celebrations.

TV Commercials

To bring the Cuza Vodă brand strategy to life, we developed a series of three TV commercials, each highlighting a different facet of the brand's vibrant personality. The first spot, "Set the tone for the celebration", showcases Cuza Vodă as the catalyst for joyful celebration, igniting the party spirit. The second, "The party is not over", establishes Cuza Vodă as the undisputed leader among brandies, a symbol of unparalleled quality and taste. Finally, "The Muse" highlights the refinement and exquisiteness of the Cuza Vodă brandy, positioning it as an inspiration for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Together, these commercials paint a vivid picture of a brand that embodies the essence of good times, great company, and exceptional taste.

Set the tone for the celebration

The party is not over

The Muse

Video production

Special thanks to the team behind this gorgeous TV Commercial series:
  • Production: Damaskin Films
  • Director: Eugen Damaskin
  • Concept & Screenplay: Eugen Damaskin
  • Copywrite: Victoria Tarnovski
  • DOP: Roman Cantir


Since launch, the new entrant has seen tremendous growth by filling white space competitors overlooked. Backed by human insights and category intelligence, the research-driven strategy resonated. This agile new brand outpaced expectations in a tradition-bound market. This project demonstrates our rigorous approach to identifying and capitalising on brand opportunities through strategy. For this client, distinctive research revealed segmentation and positioning possibilities that fuelled a disruption. The new brand's ascent validates the power of data-driven, consumer-centric branding.

Brandy Launch Case Study — Cuza Vodă. Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy & TV Commercials

Project details

Client: Cuza Vodă divin

Project Year: 2021-2024

Country: Republic of Moldova

Client Industry:

Brandy manufacturer


  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • TV Commercials

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