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Cuza Vodă divin

One of the fastest growing brandy brands on the Moldovan market

Brand Strategy / Slogan / Communication Strategy / TV Commercial Production

Cuza Vodă Divin

In a market as old as brandy, where competition has long divided its spheres of influence, launching a new brand is a complicated challenge.

The Moldovan brandy market was already stable, with tradition, and the "rules" seemed to be set in stone and indisputable. However, in the course of our brand research, we discovered that there were some key segments of the target audience that none of the competitors in the market were working with. What's more, some of the key advantages of the category were not being exploited by anyone. So we found the magic key to enter the market in force.

At the heart of the brand strategy were two major factors. On the one hand, insights into the behavioural patterns related to the consumption occasions of our product. Namely, that the bottle of brandy is, for many, not only a party starter, but also one of the key attributes of the bohemian atmosphere. On the other hand, we have successfully discovered and exploited the fact that no one has tried to assume directly the role of category leader, thus having the opportunity to assign us the role of "King among brandies".

Client: Distileria Bulboaca
Brand Strategy: TARNOVSKI Branding Studio
Production: Damaskin Films