What is

brand identity

Brand identity encompasses the visual, verbal and conceptual elements that identify a brand. This includes your name, logo, typography, colour palette, imagery, tone of voice, sound and more. Your brand identity is the outward expression of your brand that lives in the world. It reflects your brand strategy and makes your brand recognisable and memorable.

brand identity


A strong brand identity builds familiarity and preference. It conveys your purpose quickly and memorably. Your identity influences brand perceptions and guides future customer experiences. Unified identity assets are essential for consistency across all brand touchpoints. This amplifies your message and propels growth. A brand identity that resonates with its target audience makes your brand influential in its respective market.
Why brand identity

brand identity

is needed

  • Launching a new brand or product
  • Repositioning an existing brand
  • Entering a new market or audience segment
  • Corporate restructuring like mergers and acquisitions
  • Brand performance declining or stagnating
  • Major shifts in the competitive landscape
When brand identity

Our brand identity
design process


  1. Clarifying your brand strategy and target audience insights
  2. Brainstorming creative directions and identity elements
  3. Developing logo, typography, colour palette and other brand assets
  4. Applying identity across key brand touchpoints
  5. Revealing the identity through a launch campaign
Our brand identity design process
Our experts design distinctive identities that captivate audiences.
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