Our Purpose

Is to help ambitious leaders design powerful brands that can inspire growth and create meaning in users' lives. this is why we build

Live Brands


What we do


When you plan to enter the market and you need a reliable assessment of the market and deep understanding of your customer, in order to minimise risk and reach your business goals.

Option suitable for:

- New companies entering the market
- New products launch
- New services launch


When current branding is not working and you need to upgrade it, for example you wish to change the perception of your company, product or service for your customers, employees and partners.

Option suitable for:

- Companies changing their positioning
- Brands that lost their relevance
- Brands that aim for leadership positions in their markets


When you don't have enough time or resources and you need quick solutions. The main difference between accelerated branding and standard branding is comprised in the analysis depth. We build the brand platform mainly based on the data you provide.

Option suitable for:

- Companies that already analysed their markets, competitors and client needs
- Startups with small budgets
How do we do this?

We call it Meaningful Magic,
but let's get into details:

Peter Drucker (Management Thinker of the Century), had a saying that the customer rarely buys what the business thinks it sells him. Many brands don't actually know what they're selling and to get to the core purpose of the brand really means to understand the core driver of your customer's behaviour.
No business is the same, consequently no brand is the same, which means every brand needs to be uniquely crafted on the basis of that deep true insight. However, the core process for creating or evolving a brand is quite similar for various brands.


At this stage we blend research, analytics, and creativity to gain a deep understanding of your business and your customers unmet needs.

Discovery includes:

- Pre-Study interviews
- Market research
- Competitive analysis
- Brand analysis
- Consumer understanding
- Insight platform


Brands must stand for something. This means not only finding your difference, but clearly articulating your purpose. Brand strategy is where your long-term journey begins, it is the core element that holds everything together.

Strategy includes:

- Brand Vision and mission
- Brand Idea and positioning
- Brand personality
- Brand values
- Brand architecture


Genuine design starts with a compelling brand strategy, but it often comes alive with creative intuition. We combine strategy with extraordinary visuals to create meaningful and unforgettable brand identities, systems and experiences that evolve with your customers' changing needs.

Design & expression includes:

- Naming and tagline
- Logo and visual identity design
- Visual identity guidelines
- Verbal identity guidelines
- Brand touchpoints

For ambitious leaders that dream to create meaningful and useful to society businesses, TARNOVSKI is a reliable branding partner specialised in designing powerful brands, with its unique ability of finding key, down-to-earth insights that provide value to customers and are able to propel brands to leading positions in their markets.