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Label. Origin. Taste.

Food label consultancy
& consumer research

brand strategy and identity design for immersion diving club

Brand Identity Design / Branding Consultancy

Our branding studio's mission was to develop a modern and dynamic visual identity for a new consultancy firm. We've also helped our client decide on the final brand name.


The product itself is new for the market. The targeted client is a buyer with more likely conservative views. Even though the service is innovative, it is a big challenge to earn the client's attention and trust. Therefore, L.O.T. needed to be visible and recognisable and at the same time perceived as flexible and dynamic.


Together with our client, we decided that it's time to take the bull by the horns and create an original and vibrant identity in this segment. Also, to combine it with a name that most concisely and clearly explains what they do.



Label. Origin. Taste.


Food label consultancy and consumer research


Colour palette

Main colour
Secondary colour
Accent colour