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2018 set a new record level in the volume of alerts, notifications and messages sent by brands to their consumers. This has again attracted our attention to the fact that digital technologies could have a long-lasting negative effect on our mental health, especially for children. In this context, the desire to connect with the real world and the increasing need to focus more on really important things is hampered by the dependence on digital solutions.

Even the generation Z, a digital native generation that grew up with a smartphone in hand, is unhappy with the current situation - most of them want to give up at least one social networking.

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Giants of the technology industry want to change the paradigm. For example, Google, the company that created the new mindfulness and emotional inteligence program Syili, is actively engaged in its promotion and growth. Microsoft and Apple are also implementing tools for screen time limitation and creating distraction-free conditions. A new startup - The Light Phone - went further, creating a smartphone that helps you start a Digital Detox and minimise the use of your smartphone.

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The era where brands with the loudest voices and those attracting the most attention to themselves are successful is coming to an end. For those who want to build a long-lasting relationship based on trust and loyalty with their consumers, now is the time to attract them through an insight-based product that responds to their real, global needs that their competition hasn't yet understood. And instead of focusing on the time spent on an activity (either in a phone application or on the web), new leaders will make sure that the interaction with their products will help develop ideas that are really useful to consumers.

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Convey clear and transparent messages

Make sure that the message you deliver to your client doesn't only have the right content, but also that has a form and language that suits his tastes.
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Consumers prefer to interact with companies that don't ask for too much attention and make the using of the product simpler and more pleasant.
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Keep silent

If the user ignores you, don't try to get his attention again; instead, redefine the way you interact with him and make an effort to learn which of his needs you overlooked.
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