Moș Zaharia

Sugar brand developed
for the Romanian and the Moldovan markets.

Brand Research / Brand Strategy / Naming /
Brand Identity Design / Packaging Design

brand strategy, packaging design and corporate identity design and retailer branding for shoes discounter store chain in Republic of Moldova by TARNOVSKI branding agency

The agency's task was to develop a new sugar brand for the Moldova Zahăr sugar factory.


In 2011 the Polish corporation "Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa" SA decided to acquire and revive the sugar factory located in the Cupcini town, Republic of Moldova. Later on, in 2014, the company decided to enter the market with a new sugar brand (when the main competitor was thought to have an estimated market share of over 90%). Moreover, the context was shaped by a decrease in sugar consumption among young people, and sceptical attitude towards new products amongst the older generations. Considering the challenging state of the market, and the client's aim to obtain a rapid and massive growth, the only viable solution was to create a unique and trustworthy product that could defeat the competition.


The competitors were building their communication around two stereotypical images: the image of the "mother-housewife" that is virtually always in the kitchen, and a visual mix of syrupy, artificial, and trivial moments to suggest tenderness.
The research findings confirmed the oversaturation of the market with this kind of communication. Moreover, it wasn't fully engaging for our customers. To outperform our competitors, we decided to explore a different brand platform. We based our strategy on the insight that the most enjoyable moments for our target group are closely related to sweet childhood memories. These are the magical moments, particularly on holidays when we are surrounded by the love of our grandparents, and they tell us interesting stories, give us some useful and sometimes funny advice, and also cook for us delicious sweets.

Customer Insight

For people who value their family folklore, we created Moș Zaharia - the sugar brand that encourages the preservation and nurture of family traditions, by awakening their fondest childhood memories, especially those related to dear grandparents.
Furthermore, as the business results showed, the brand strategy proved to be a success, as the company registered a generous growth in the market share - from under 10% to over 30% in 2015, according to specialists' estimates.

Brand Strategy Platform


Moș Zaharia

Slogan (proposal)

Tradiție din strămoși

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Horizontal logo

Strategist: Andrei Tarnovski
Creative Director: Misha Tsurcanu & Andrei Tarnovski
Visualists: Kirill Ganea & Jamaica
Made for and in collaboration with Urban Post Agency.