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Moldova Zahăr

Sugar manufacturing company working on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Brand Research / Brand Strategy /
Brand Identity Design / Packaging Design

The agency's task was to develop a new product brand for the second biggest Moldovan sugar manufacturer, "Moldova Zahăr", a subsidiary of the Polish corporation "Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa" SA.


The challenge was to create a mass-market brand that will be widely appealing to most consumers. The idea of creating a new mass-market sugar brand was risky and challenging, due to the fact that the Moldovan sugar market was highly competitive, with 4 major local brands and a total of at least 12 active brands.


From the conducted research, we drove two important conclusions about the market and the consumers. First, no consumer was ever ready to settle for less when it comes to quality, even those who were always in search of cheaper products. Secondly, although consumers believe that compared to imported food products, Moldovan vegetables and fruits are better, they still have doubts about both the quality and the technology used when it comes to their processing.

Customer Insight

Based on the customer insight, we decided that the best solution is to create a brand that emphasises a mix of three key features. They all have to be perceived both in the corporate identity and in the packaging design, as well as in the brand communication: Moldova Zahăr is a national sugar brand (100% local product), manufactured to the highest standards and it's accessible. Namely, the combination of these three attributes was the basis for the brand's success on the market.

Brand Strategy Platform


Moldova Zahăr


Dulce, de acasă
Structure and versions of the Moldova Zahăr logo. This irregular circular shape is the main graphic element of the brand, so it's important to respect its structure and proportions.



Fonts used in brand communication. The logo lettering is handcrafted