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Navigating the "Stress 3.0" Era: Understanding the New Normal in a Post-Pandemic World

Welcome to the "stress 3.0" era!
Why we're probably never be going back to our "old normalcy".
Most of us hope that once the quarantine is over, we'll return to the pre-pandemic "silence." I think it's premature, if not impossible, for at least 2 main reasons.

  1. The interaction between individuals will not be as "complete" as before (greetings and comforting without touch, communication - without much of the mimics). This will diminish mutual trust between people: And, of course, when you don't trust those around you, you feel in danger.
  2. And the human brain is wired to be obsessed with dangers, to lurk any potential risk. Thus in the absence of "real" dangers (starving or freezing, being killed by animals or the rival tribe), the brain has rewired itself to search for social dangers: we constantly compare our performance & abilities with those of others, we protect our place in the hierarchy of our society, we sometimes even see as a threat the attitude of our peers towards us. Since much of the life experience will unfold online, more and more people will distance themselves from a "sense of reality," prefer to live successful "artificial" lives, mask their real intentions by beautifully worded emails, and this will further strengthen our sense of danger, but will also intensify our stress: