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Urban Bistro & Food Delivery Service

Brand Identity Design Update /
Packaging Design

d20 urban bistro, Bucuresti, str. Dorobanți, 20. Burgers & pasta in Bucuresti, Cafe & Bar in Centru

The agency's mission was to identify a new graphic style for the takeaway & delivery food items and to update the brand identity for d20 - an urban bistro and food delivery service from Bucharest.


packaging design for takeaway food in Bucharest, Dorobanti. Pasta & Burger delivery in Bucharest from d20 Urban Bistro on Dorobanti 20

The Bucharest food market seems oversaturated with takeaway and delivery offers, so companies have a hard time. In such a dense market, a player can survive only by building an appealing and trustworthy brand for its high-quality product.

In the case of our client, most often, customers choose d20's takeaway products for a quick and tasty meal at the office. Therefore our task was to instantly draw the customers' attention to the product and convince them that the product is worthy of buying.


takeaway food and delivery services de la cafe d20 urban bistro din Dorobanti 20

From our perspective, the best solutions are simple and elegant. To make the products as visible as possible, we've experimented with appetizing and uncommon colours. And to give a hint on what's inside the pack - we used a very suggestive pattern made of all sorts of pasta. The typeface choice isn't accidental either - we've used a sans font, which suggests a serious attitude towards quality combined with a script font, which adds a friendly feeling and a subtle message of accessibility. And, as it turned out, the leaf symbol played an important role, which reinforced the image of a healthy food choice and built trust.


fresh dishes for takeaway or delivery - d20 urban bistro Bucuresti Dorobanti
logo refresh update for Bucharest's d20 urban bistro
Creare logo pentru restaurant d20 din Bucuresti, Dorobanti

Logo Update

packaging design
prezentarea conceptului d20 pentru care am făcut redesign logo restaurant d20 din Bucuresti cartier Dorobanti
design meniu pentru restaurant d20 din București, Dorobanți
elaborare design identitate corporativă grafică, cu logo și brand book complet pentru restaurant d20 urban bistro din Dorobanti, Bucuresti